What Do Remy and Virgin Hair Mean?

Remy and virgin hair are two common terms that are usually uses in hair industry. However, a lot people do not know what its exact meaning even they use them every day. According to my knowledge, remy hair is divided into virgin and non-virgin hair, but virgin hair is always remy. Remy and virgin hair are both top premium quality hair.

Remy is that kind of hair whose all cuticles are intact and facing the same direction, it is like the hair naturally grows. Because of this characteristic, the hair will have minimal tangle and matting, you can brush and treat the remy hair extensions like you do on your own hair. The term “Remy” does not refer to any hair brand name, it only means the process of how the hair is collected and leave cuticles intact. Remy hair could be chemically treated like colored and textured for more availability.

Virgin hair is considered to have premium quality, and their price is high as well. Virgin hair is truly remy and in its most natural condition. To be classified as virgin, the hair must meet strict requirement. It should not be dyed, colored, permed and processed by any other ways. Real virgin hair must not be blow-dried and exposed to harsh environments like smoke or drugs. All virgin hair must come from a single donor, the texture could be straight, wavy or curly. Virgin hair can withstand a high heat, so buying this type of hair can have a lot of styling options.

The cuticles on virgin hair run in the same direction and they protect the hair from damage. So the result will be your hair is shinier, smoother, softer and more durable. More care work should be done to maintain the original look and feel of virgin hair.

Where to get the best virgin hair?

A lot of hair companies created their online business and sell hairs all over the world, many claimed they are selling real virgin hair, but after reading this article, you will know they are not, they are using fake virgin hair to cheat customers. So if you want to get the most durable virgin hair, it is very important to find a trusted hair vendor. So, that’s a problem which company is reliable to get the real virgin hair.

New Star, a reputable hair brand created several years ago in the United States, has been engaged in hair business for years to supply the highest quality wholesale Brazilian virgin hair products. The product line of New Star hair company is wide, hair textures vary from straight, wavy to curly. All hair textures have various options such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, etc. The most important thing is New Star only deals with 100% virgin hair, their products like weaves, extensions, lace frontals, lace closures, wigs are all hand made by hair masters in factory. The only purpose of New Star is to guarantee full customers satisfaction.

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