Christine Reidhead The Legend

Christine Reidhead is one of the leading ladies of the world, one of the few making her mark on the entire globe, a passionate human being with multiple roles to serve the people with her full potential. She is an Educator, Humanitarian, Podcaster, Author, and Film Director. She is excelling in all of her roles and is making the world a better place through her individual efforts and contributions. Reidhead started her career in 2011 as an Accountant at Navajo Technical University. She enjoyed many other roles at the same university such as the Director of Athletics, Wellness Center Manager, and Contracts and Grants Manager. 


Reidhead is very enthusiastic about helping others and is always doing something for the betterment of not just Africans, but her mark touches all over the globe. Reidhead was determinant in her dream and accomplished serving others by establishing “AfrikRising” a non-profit organization that addresses hunger in Africa and serves starving African Children. The organization is in the process of building a school in Ghana, Africa. This is something that is beyond remarkable, as her mark on the African people will be felt for generations. Reidhead also serves in Mexico and Native Americans communities with her helping hands and the best possible resources. 


Telling a compelling story about something you have experienced or when you want to convey and discuss expert thoughts is very important. Reidhead utilizes the opportunity to record, produce, and share podcasts as a contemporary storytelling medium to spread ideas and discussions online. Reidhead hosts podcasts on a variety of emerging topics, some of Reidhead’s popular podcasts are focused on nonprofits, the Tribal College Management, life stories and leadership. The Tribal College Movement podcasts have been published by the Tribal College Journal and the Tom Davis Leadership podcast is currently being published through the Los Angeles Tribune.


Reidhead has also proved herself as an author with the publication of two very useful books “GET THAT JOB! Ace Your Job Interview- Every Time!” which is the Best-Selling book on Amazon. Reidhead wrote this book for all the job-seeking youngsters to help them in their job interviews. Within the book, Reidhead discusses getting prepared for three types of interviews: face to face, video and phone interviews. The second book is “How to Improve Study Habits.” This book really helps young students understand themselves and find out the best way they learn, how to study effectively and provides tips on ways to be successful. Reidhead focuses on high school and college students, trying to help them get ahead in life. These books are a great piece of writing to get motivated in the studies and professional career of an individual, audiobooks are also available on Amazon. 

Film Director

Reidhead is an explorative individual and always ready to inspire on every level. As a Film Director, she inspired others through her excellent documentary series “Global Humanity” in which she dives deep into a variety of cultures and showcases the diversity in different regions. This exceptional documentary tells stories of people in Mexico, Africa and in Native American communities. Global Humanity also focuses on stories of nonprofit organizations such as The Happy Factory, Barb’s Dog Rescue and AfrikRising which are all 501c3 organizations. Reidhead’s passion for culture and humanity shines throughout these episodes.


Reidhead is currently working as a professor of Business, the Business Department Chair as well as the Faculty Vice President at Navajo Technical University. Here, she inspires the future leaders to pursue their passion and accomplish their dreams. What a great opportunity for these young students to learn from such a brilliant mind. Reidhead is truly a driving force and an exceptional human being. All the traits of Reidhead make her a legendary personality.  One we could all try to emulate. 

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