Teal Swan A Public Figure

Teals Bio

She was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico on June 16th 1984. Teal’s parents wanted children badly, but as she grew, Teal’s parents were often at a loss for what to do with her.  This understanding gap between her parents and herself was only increased by the fact that she was born extrasensory. Your sensory organs are a bit like filters. They filter out stimulus in the environment so you can perceive solid objects etc.  The best way to understand Teal’s perception is to imagine that her filters have been disabled. As a result, Teal suffered from sensory integration disorder and struggled with her abilities every day.

Personal Life

When Teal was 22, she married a man because she wDSC_1423anted to be kept safe and she wanted to be taken care of. That marriage fell apart and was annulled after six months. Then that very same year, she married for a second time, for a sense of safety again. What Teal says now that she did not realize then, is that she was really trying to use men to run away from herself. She wanted to be kept safe not only from the world, but also from herself. Inside herself, she was living in an atmosphere of self-hate so pervasive that she could not trust herself.

All her information you can read on www.tealswan.com


Teal felt a pull to reach a larger audience so in 2010 she wrote her DSC_1425first book, The Sculptor In The Sky.  She created an online weekly video series called “Ask Teal” in order to offer her perspective on various subjects to the world. She began to host group healing workshops.  And in 2014, she founded a social movement based on authenticity.  Like wildfire, the content Teal was producing made its way across the world.  Teal says that over the course of the years since making the decision to publicly embrace her role as a spiritual luminary, her bent and broken life has started to read more like a great success story. For the first time, like a completed puzzle, she saw the full picture of her life. She saw the reasons why she experienced what she did as a child. She saw her purpose. She finally knew what she was really here to do. And now, she is doing it.  Teal Swan is now an internationally recognized and celebrated spiritual leader and a powerful voice in the field of metaphysics.  As a renowned author, speaker and social media star, she travels the world, changing the lives and touching the hearts of millions.

All her information you can read on www.tealswan.com or www.tealswanpremium.com . Teal is travelling around the world helping people finding thier innerself by integrating thier childhood traumas.

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