The Online Music Library for Royalty Free Music

Firstdub is an online music platform for musicians and artists to promote and sell music to fans, film-makers, songwriters, app developers and vocalists, both from Firstdub website and anywhere online with a personalized music player.

For music buyers, Firstdub offers a large and diverse library of copyrighted and royalty free music from across music genres.

Artist on Firstdub create a profile page featuring their biography, social media links, a comment section and a music store for music buyers to listen and buy their music.

Firstdub music stores are compatible on both iOS and android and can be embedded or shared on social media and other websites.

Other features on Firstdub include artist keeping all of their copyrights, setting their own sale prices and getting paid instantly on every sale.

With the ability to share artist pages and individual music files on Facebook and Twitter, Firstdub is a great opportunity for artist to expand their audience, share their music online and generate an income from their music.

For music buyers, whatever their needs, Firstdub offers ‘Music for all Media’.

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