The Continuing Adventures of Jade Kevin Foster

After a brief Instagram hiatus, Jade Kevin Foster is back in full force. He’s using his prowess on social media to keep his fans up-to-date on all the upcoming highlights of his career, including collaborations with the likes of brands such as Bandedharnesses, Stussy, Ghanda, Blackdewa and MONQ.attachment4

His super-hot body is set to inspire men to purchase from all of the above brands. Foster has a raw talent for making any brand of clothing the hottest and trendiest in the fashion industry today.

Throughout Australia, Foster has worked hand in hand with many of the country’s biggest designers. His flair for style makes him the perfect choice in male models. He brings his unique style to each of the brands he models with.

As a bold and daring model, Foster isn’t afraid to tackle the hard modeling jobs that others might shy away from. He is rebranding himself as one Australian hottie with a penchant for showing off his lust for life.

The future will only bring more of the hottest photo shoots featuring Foster. He will continue to break the barrier between sexiness and the modeling industry. His upcoming work is sure to blow the minds of his fans and help him gain tons of new fans as well.

In addition to working as a runway model, Foster also regularly participates in creating promotional content as well as appearing in clothing, swimsuit and hair ads, proving how versatile he really is. He has appeared in ads on the Internet as well as in videos and catalogs.

attachment2More than just a gorgeous face, this talented model even has his own cologne called “Dominate: The World is Yours.” This is not surprising considering how Foster has dominated the fashion scene both in Australia and the United States. He has also made a splash in Australia’s nightlife. As a result, his social media following allows him to share his passion for fashion with others. The reach that Foster has includes the likes of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, whom he considers to be a good friend. This speaks to how much of an impact Foster has had on the industry.

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