The Insider Secrets to Job Interviewing Uncovered

The mere mention of a job interview is enough to send jitters to most people. Interviews are seen by most of us as a process of evaluation. This thought process forces us to visualize job interviews as a negative event wherein the interviewer will judge us. This thought process is the major reason for most of us performing below par in job interviews. Christine Reidhead has authored her bestselling book – Get That Job – which provides a solution for this problem. Christine is a world-renowned author and humanitarian. She has served in different senior positions and works as Assistant Professor of Business at Navajo Technical University. She is also the Faculty Vice President and Department Chair of Business. Christine is a passionate humanitarian. She has founded AfrikRising which is a non-profit organization working for the betterment of the underprivileged in Africa.
Her bestselling book is ideal for anyone looking to change their perspective about job interviews. The author strongly recommends that you should change the way you view job interviews. Instead of visualizing them as a platform where you are being judged, you should look at them positively. She says that interviews should be considered as a platform where you can market yourself to an interviewer. You can impress them with your knowledge, skills, and abilities and make them want to recruit you. You can use an interview to enforce your utility to an employer and how you fit in the company’s plans. Preparation is an integral part of clearing any job interview. The book provides tips on how to prepare more thoroughly for an interview which will help you perform better.
The tips provided by the author are very practical and easy to relate to. These tips flow from her own experience of conducting years of job interviews. The book is primarily aimed at college students and freshers. It will definitely help them perform better at job interviews and kickstart their careers. However, the techniques and tips offered by the author can be used by experienced professionals also to excel in their careers. She provides a list of dos and don’ts for interviews. This will help you to create a better impact on the interviewer and bolster your chances of being successful. You can build your confidence in attending interviews by reading this book. You also get tips for facing different types of interviews face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews and video interviews. You won’t regret buying this book.
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