The Chicago entrepreneur and beauty, Irene Michaels has proved to be a breathing inspiration for the young women. It is not about gender equality; it is about fulfilling your very own dreams and how pursuing you make you a whole person without having to shout for equality. That is exactly what the lifetime successful journey of Irene Michaels teaches to all girls out there. Irene spends the majority of her time on social events and her appearance matters a lot. Her work matters to her a lot and that is what has made her stand out and maintain herself despite of the burden that she has! She is not all about the happenings in Hollywood, but she works on different causes and raises her voice for them too.
Even past the age of 70, Irene Michaels is eye-catchingly pretty. She has managed to keep herself well-maintained and has made her advanced age appear quite young too. Her beauty anti-aging collection or line is all about the secret ingredients that have helped her stay this beautiful and young. This collection of her beauty secrets focuses on anti-aging products and in solving all the aging issues that women (and men) face.
I ON YOUTH COLLECTION by Irene Michaels currently has 4 of the best ever things in it:
Roll-on Serum
CC Brightening Cream with 20 SPF
Gel Cream Cleanser
Makeup Remover Wipes
This age-defying beauty line is a secret gateway to a never ending splendor just like Irene Michaels. It is all about believing in this beauty line or at least Irene has to say that.
“If I would not have believed in it, I would not have created it.”
Well, Irene has opened up her beauty ingredients in the shape of this beauty line and the incredible products it holds. The roll-on serum is a great product to keep your skin hydrated and balanced. It is also going to help you in keeping your skin healthy and comfortable. This serum is the daily routine skincare foundation that Irene uses herself and she has finally exposed it out to the world too. This serum is to be put on before you apply any makeup on the skin and you can also put it on after you do the proper cleansing. You are certainly going to notice, feel and enjoy the difference that this really amazing roll-on serum brings.
Usually, people are in search of a serum that comes in the roll-on style and this is nothing less than bliss for all the people who desire for a serum in this style. The CC cream, that is the color correcting cream brings out the fine skin from you and makes you look pretty fine in the public. It hides off the dirty marks and also brings a noticeable reduction in aging spots and wrinkles etc.
Nothing beats the “I ON YOUTH” beauty line to solve all of your skin issues and in making it glow! Grab it right away and grow your skin to be flawlessly attractive.


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