Eye’z Brooklyn Basin Performance

Eye’z has been performing monthly with cut it up entertainment on the first Sunday’s of the month in Oakland Ca and donates the performance via breadsticks

For the past few years Breadsticks records has been Organizing online events for charities around the world. For feeding america, the online event featured 29 independent musicians performing to benefit Feeding America, receiving over 9,000 views and raising nearly $1,000 within the first month.Among those artists is Eye’z who was featured with her performance at the my music block tv awards.Eye’z has since collabed with breadsticks for American Humane and now IFAW the international fund for animals and wildlife.The collab with IFAW has also attracted other MY Music Block Winners LIke Sharon Manuel, a retired opera singer who was honored in 2018.

Be sure to donate to any of the charities that breadsticks records has in their videos

Eye’z Brooklyn Basin Performance;


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