Effective and Easy Tips for Coloring your Hair

Are you waiting to don the coveted ‘angry pink’ hair dye trend that has swept New York Fashion Week watchers off their feet? Or, are you desirous of jazzing up your long tresses with a careful touch of balayage for the very first time? Whether you are a college going teen looking for more compliments or a mom of two wishing to dye your first lot of grey, the act of dying your tresses can prove to be an intricate and tricky affair.

At the very onset, you need to take a call if you want to color your hair on your own or hand over the reins to salon professional. Once you have attained the hair color of your dreams, you have to start maintaining it so that the luster and look is retained for as long as possible. This is particularly true if you have a sensitive scalp, in which case, you may have to invest in the best color maintenance products to avoid rashes, itches, sores or any other kind of scalp issues.

Given below are some top tips from hair experts to enlighten you if you are planning to color your hair for the very first time in your life.

Decide upon the exact color to suit your personality

Cream soda blonde, red, caramel highlights, darkest brown, natural black or some other hue, there is no dearth of options to select from. As different hair color brands and their varying shades would lend out conflicting signals to different hair stylists, you may run the risk of getting a shade that’s not your type. So, what is the safest solution for getting the exact coloration for your hair?

Firstly, you may want to get along a selection of images to show what you want to your preferred hair specialist. Along with inspiring your instincts, these images will also help you match your hair texture and volume to suit the shade you want. As per a Paco Latorre, a reputed hair colorist, there are many instances of clients asking for a specific color when in reality they want something that’s entirely different. It is a good idea to share the images of your choicest hair colors, and also the ones that you would rather stay away from with the hair coloring expert at the salon. Ask for pictures of her previous clients to get an idea of what to expect in advance. A careful interpretation of the color that suits your fancy will help you get good returns from your time and money investments in the salon appointment.

Book a session with your consultant

Be realistic about your hair color desires when you schedule a consultation with an expert. For instance, that rainbow dip-dye that you may have liked on Pinterest may not be attainable; so, try to understand your goals and allow the specialist to help you reach them via easy steps. It would also be wise to make an assessment of your skin color before freezing on a particular shade of hair dye. You would not desire a clashing color; rather it would be nice to have hair that complements your skin tone appropriately; right?

These days, salons have original hair wefts with different colorations to show to their clients. You may want to see the effect of your desired shades next to your skin to gain clarity about the color that would suit your personality and complexion to the fullest.

Protection for your scalp

It is essential to undergo a patch test that is conducted at least 48 hours prior to your salon appointment to find out if you are allergic to a particular hair dye or not. Even though you may not have shown any negative reaction, it would be a good idea to start taking all the necessary precautions for safeguarding your scalp beforehand.

As painful and inflamed scalps are never in vogue and can cause irritability, it is recommended that you add argan oil to the dye in use to prevent all kinds of irritation or discomfort. This oil will not compromise the shade of hair color chosen by you; neither will it stop the dye from holding on the way it should. Experts also recommend the application of coconut oil directly on to the scalp the prior night, this is important if you intend to bleach your head totally. Coconut oil provides deep rooted nourishment for your scalp and is certainly the right way to go if you are using hair color for the first time.

The other helpful options include the selection of ammonia-free colors for lowlights and highlighting purposes alike. By using this option, you can be assured of the hair color ingredients staying within the aluminum foil and not coming in contact with your scalp in any way. This hair coloring process also needs lower maintenance to remain as good as new for a longer period of time.

Don’t shampoo beforehand

It may be an annoying affair if the hair wash routine followed by you conflicts with your hair color appointment at the salon. Do not make the common error of visiting the salon with ‘just washed’ tresses; this specifically stands true if you intend to tint your head completely. As clean hair tends to be slippery and fails to give the required grip to your hair color, you just end up sabotaging the end result by washing your hair as per your usual routine. It is believed that dirty hair serves as a natural shield against the chemicals present in your hair dye and proves to be beneficial for you in the long run. It is well-advised by experts at Headcurve.com to not wash your hair for at least 24 hours leading to the time of your appointment.

Be ready to honor more than one appointments

In case you already have a dark colored mane and desire to opt for hair that is considerably lighter, it is possible that you may have to go for multiple salon sessions before getting the perfect shade on your hair. The long haul may see you making quite a few trips to the salon of your choice. This is because such drastic hair color changes require consistent and gradual processes; also, your hair requires the necessary time to heal itself before being inflicted with the next session. For this very reason, it is a good idea to have a heart to heart talk with your specialist and understand what to expect with the help of colored hair samples, imagery, etc. The right amount of patience and research will help you get the exact hair color shade that you desire to achieve.

Say goodbye to your regular shampoo and conditioner

It is quite likely that you may have to ditch your favorite hair care products once you have donned new color for your hair. Even after the first session, your hair would automatically become drier and more porous. This is because your hair cuticles tend to open up and become vulnerable once they have been exposed to harsh chemicals and other bleaching agents. Therefore, in order to prevent your long and smooth tresses from transforming into a straw textured mane, it is important for you to bring out the right ammunition. Go for shampoos filled with strand-building ingredients like keratin and certain other proteins. Likewise, the conditioner to be used should include ultra-nourishing oils for keeping the shine and color of your hair on lockdown.

Are you ready to go for the color of your dreams? Ask for your first appointment today.

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