K’DAY – new hit single “Phone Jumpin”

K’Day is a recording artist from (KC) better known as Kansas City, located in the great state of Missouri, he is signed to TCB RECORDS, the label has an imprint covering the Midwest & Southwest regions of the United States, with offices & private studios located in several of the states in these regions. They also have affiliates outside of the US, into CANADA – POLAND – UNITED KINGDOM and MEXICO. K’Day and TCB, has released the young and talented singer / writer’s , smash hit single “Phone Jumpin”. Available on Itunes, Spotify, and most music download sites. K’Day is a true professional when it comes to his music and this to say…

“I work hard on my music. And to give my fans and supporters my all. I’m want to make a difference in the world. With faith anything is possible. The wave that I want to bring to the Industry through my music is truth, and realness and being sort of a “millennial bridge” that brings the timeless feeling of great music with even greater lyrics, (from back in the day) that reminds us of where we come from! I feel being a 90’s baby and a millennial teen gives me a voice that can be heard, around the world, and for generations. And with the support of my fans, listeners, and my label “TCB Records” I can do just that. And to my fans I love you, because without you and support I would not be heard! So to all my fans, and family I love you, and thank you all.

Much success to this amazing artist “K’Day” and his new hit single “Phone Jumpin” released under TCB RECORDS, K’ Day also will be releasing his album this summer, so be sure to grab a copy.

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