Most Beautiful Tourism Place In The World

It is the Naran Valley which is the most beautiful tourism place in.the world.It is situated in KPK Pakistan.Pakistan is the islamic peaceful and beautiful country.It is included in Mansehra city KPK.It us located 119 kilometer from Mansehra city.There are many hotel for tourist where tourist stay there’s.Naran is the one of the most scenic city of Pakistan attracting thousands tourist trekkers photographer’s and nature enthusiasts every year.The kunhar river swallon glacier melt pases through by this city.Now in 2015 KPK government announced to built new hotels,parks cable car for attracting the tourist which is the best achievement for the Pakistan government.Naran can be consider as base station to scenic ┬ádestination like lake SAUFUL MULOK,LALAZAR BBUSUR,NOORI VALLEY and PURBI VALLEY


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