Importance of education for men and women is essential for bright future . education play a vital role in the development an progress of country . today, education is very important for success . The success of development countries based on education . only educated leaders and nation builders take the nation to the height of success and progress , noble and kind as possible

main purpose of education is personal advancement , social , economical progress and success in nation goals . awareness of education spread among people through media and newspaper etc

about education says that

”get knowledge from cradle to grave”

in Islamic point of view

”get education whether you go to china”

education develop our minds . we have ability to understand our social right and duties . due to education , we can make the difference between right and wrong . through education we also understand our relations value and well standard


education makes a well known personality and respect . it increase the ability of thought and gives the address of right ways  . education is a social instrument through which man can guide his destiny and shape of future . we know the real nature by the education . it improve us and stands us on a head

an uneducated peoples cannot become a part of development

top 15 reasons why education is extremely important;

1- overcoming superstition

2- keeping up with the world

3- education and healthcare

4- respect

5- help you understand the world

6- makes the  world safer and more peaceful place

7- society

8- for economic growth of the nation

9- saves you from being cheated

10- turns your dreams into reality

11- makes you self dependent

12- equality

13- money

14- for happy and stable life


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