Exclusive INTERVIEW with Vernon Little – Artist/Singer/Rapper

About Vernon Little

My name is Vernon Little. I’m a hip hop/holy hip hop artist from the Bronx, N.Y. I was dedicated to the Lord as a baby in the early 1970’s, and raised in the church. My mother was a devout Christian who attended church regularly. My parents were together until I was 7 years old. After divorcing, my mother took my brother and I to the Co-op City section of the Bronx, while my dad moved to the Parkchester section.


1) How has success changed you?

Vernon Little: Any success I’ve attained has humbled me. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to listen to, or purchase my music.

2) What is your definition of success?

Vernon Little: Positively impacting people’s lives.

3) Why should fans buy your music?

Vernon Little:At some point, we all need some encouragement. I believe songs like The Chance To Tell You, One Day At A Time, and Proverbs have life changing words of wisdom. So, let my Double Minded EP be a go to for a quick pick me up.

4) What makes a fan so interested in your music?

Vernon says : Some have told me that they like the positive messages, others like the old-school sound.

5) How do you navigate the music industry in light of so much competition?

Vernon: I really just try to stay in my lane. I always like to know what’s trending, but I believe that I have to focus on my strengths in order to stand out.

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