Taste of Home Quick Cooking by Michelle Bretl

This the 2009 best cooking book by Michelle Bretl | Taste of Home Quick Cooking Annual Recipes 2009


There are over 600 recipes in this fast-as-can-be cookbook that are timeless recipes from trusted home cooks. Includes color photos, contest-winning dishes, 6-week menu planner with a shopping list for each week, special sections, and indexes.

“I’ve purchased every “Taste of Home Quick Cooking Annual Recipes” books since 1999. They never disappoint me! They are the only cookbooks I use on a regular basis. A few years ago the books started showing a photo of every single recipe. That gives me an idea of where I’m “going” when I try something new. We have quite a few potlucks at work and I can usually tell who the TOH fans are. Their contributions standout. As a side note: I used to subscribe to the TOH Quick Cooking magazine. Now I just buy the annual cookbook every year. All of the recipes featured in the magazines are also in the cookbook”. ____T. Peyton


“I received the 2002 version of this book for my bridal shower and I have come to really love a few of the recipes and actually make them staples in my home. I love that they have pictures for most of the recipes so that you can know what it should look like or decide whether it looks tasty. As my sisters/sister-in-laws have gotten married, I’ve made it tradition that each will receive the cookbook for the year they were married, too and they all love their books as well (I even flip through and copy some of the best-looking recipes out of their copies before I give it to them as well as trying to use at least one recipe from their copy for something for their bridal showers!)”.____C. Ethen



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